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We launched our JavaScript Crypto Miner a little over a week ago. The last 8 days have been a mixture of pure excitement and sheer terror. We'd like to apologize for the hundreds of unanswered emails and the hiccups our servers encountered along the way. It's fair to say we weren't properly prepared for what was about to come.

Hashes/s, Last 8 days

Coinhie Hasherate

See that little hill on Sep. 14? We had an Oh shit! moment right there. A few sites were actually using our service and collectively mined at 100K hashes/s. We have since peaked at 13.5M hashes/s – a quite respectable 5% of the global hash rate of the Monero blockchain.

In just one week we scaled from one lonely server to 28 WebSocket proxies, 6 web servers, two database servers and two VPS doing maintenance work. We had countless performance issues to fix and a few sleepless nights, but we are now handling 2.2 million concurrent WebSocket connections quite comfortably.

We still have a lot of hard work ahead of us if the pace keeps up like this.

An Alternative to Ads, blocked by AdBlock

Our goal was to offer a viable alternative to intrusive and annoying ads that litter so many websites today. These ads are not only a distraction to end users, but also provide notoriously unpredictable and non-transparent revenue numbers. We set out to change that.

The revenue you receive from Coinhive is easily predictable and our payouts are now fully automated and initiated 12 times a day. We don't hold your money hostage for months on end like so many ad networks do. So we delivered on that part already.

Providing a real alternative to ads and users who block them turned out to be a much harder problem. Coinhive, too, is now blocked by many ad-block browser extensions, which - we have to admit - is reasonable at this point.

The Way Forward

We're a bit saddened to see that some of our customers integrate Coinhive into their pages without disclosing to their users what's going on, let alone asking for their permission. We believe there's so much more potential for our solution, but we have to be respectful to our end users.

We hope we can convince website owner to integrate the miner in a way that is more meaningful and honest to their users. With our API you can already keep track of hashes each user on your site has submitted and provide incentives for running the miner. We will expand our API to enable even more use cases, including user toplists and more detailed statistics.

It's probably too late to do anything about the adblockers that already prevent our current JavaScript from loading. Instead, we will focus on a new implementation that requires an explicit opt-in from the end user to run. We will verify this opt-in on our servers and will implement it in a way that it can not be circumvented. We will pledge to keep the opt-in in tact at all times, without exceptions. This way we hope to convince ad-block extensions to not block this new implementation, but instead, see it as just another JavaScript library that you can integrate on your site.

It's been a wild ride so far. It sparked our own excitement for the future of the web again.

posted on September 22, 2017, the Coinhive Team

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