Does it work on Mobile devices?

Yes, but it's very slow and will drain the users' battery.

Can we negotiate a higher revenue share?


What amount of XMR can I expect for my site?

We currently pay 0.000149 XMR per 1Million hashes. If you have 1 Million visits a month, assume a user makes 30 hashes/s (mid range laptop) and remains on your site for 5 minutes:

(1000000 visits per month * 30 hashes/s * 5 minutes * 60 seconds)/1000000 * 0.000149 xmr = 1.341 xmr / month.

How can I withdraw my pending balance?

Payouts happen automatically every few hours, once you've reached the minimum amount of 0.5xmr.

How can I integrate the miner on my site?

See the documentation.

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