API Access

To use any of Coinhive's APIs, you have to sign up for an account. A public site key and a private secret key will be generated for you.

The site key has to be specified for all client side operations in the browser (i.e. the JavaScript Miner and the Captcha). The secret key can be used for communication from your server to ours through the HTTP API.

Simple Miner UI

The easiest way to implement the miner into your page and let your users control it.


Display, customize and verify the Proof Of Work Captcha.

JavaScript Miner

Embed, control and get status information from the JavaScript miner on your webpage.


Verify tokens, get and withdraw user balances and programmatically create shortlinks.

Non-Adblocked Version

AuthedMine - A version of our miner that is not blocked by adblockers but requires an explicit opt-in from the end-user.

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