FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work on Mobile devices?

Yes, but it's very slow and will drain the users' battery. If you only have mobile users, it's usually not worth it to implement Coinhvie.

Can we negotiate a higher revenue share?

Sorry, no. We don't offer higher shares to any of our users. We want to compete with our technical expertise, transparency and reliability, not with price.

Please also keep in mind that you get a flat fee for each hash mined, ignoring the luck involved in finding blocks in the Monero network. Our own, actual margin is significantly lower than 30%. In fact, there have been days where we operated at a loss, even ignoring our server and traffic costs.

So please understand that our rate needs to be higher than what you may be used to from other pools. We're in it for the long run.

What amount of XMR can I expect for my site?

We currently pay 0.000124 XMR per 1Million hashes. If you have 1 Million visits a month, assume a user makes 30 hashes/s (mid range laptop) and remains on your site for 5 minutes:

(1000000 visits per month * 30 hashes/s * 5 minutes * 60 seconds)/1000000 * 0.000124 xmr = 1.116 xmr / month.

How can I withdraw my pending balance?

Payouts happen automatically every two hours. If you have reached the minimum payout (configurable in the settings) all your pending balance will be payed with the next batch.

How can I integrate the miner on my site?

Please read the documentation.

How can I run the Miner on the GPU / Graphics Card

GPU mining in the Browser is not feasible at this point. Browsers still don't have an API to directly access the GPUs compute functions.

Of course you can emulate these compute functions in WebGL graphics shaders, but crypto requires a lot of integer operations which are a pain to implement with floats in WebGL. It could be done, but it will likely be very slow.

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