Terms of Service Coinhive Mining Tool

By registering an account with Coinhive, it is understood that you agree to the following terms of service.

  1. You must not use Coinhive for any illegal purposes.
  2. You must not reverse engineer, hack, exploit or otherwise attack Coinhive or Coinhive's servers.
  3. Attempting to exploit, hack or spam Coinhive will lead to the termination of your account.
  4. We keep the right to terminate your account at any time for any reason.
  5. We are not responsible for damages to you, your servers, your users or your users' hardware caused directly or indirectly by Coinhive.
  6. You may only implement Coinhive into websites, services or apps for which you have the authorization to do so. If you implement Coinhive on websites you have “hacked” we will terminate your account.
  7. We reserve the right to extend these Terms of Service in the future.

Security, Bug-Bounty

If you find a security flaw or bug, please responsibly report it to us. Depending on the severity of the security flaw or bug, we may reward you with a bounty paid in XMR.

Please don't spam our servers with requests. We will not consider a usual DoS attack as a bug.

Coinhive License Agreement

This agreement is only valid for Licensees of the Coinhive Mining Club.

§ 1 Subject Matter of the License

  1. The subject matter of the licensing relationship between you, the Licensee, and Coinhive is the right granted to operate a distribution and sales concept within the context of the license system on the basis of the following provisions of this contract and the guidelines of Coinhive.
  2. As Licensee you are entitled to sell the Coinhive product range or to promote individual products.
  3. In doing so, you shall operate as a legally independent company at your own expense and with your own economical risk.
  4. The license guarantees you the right to participate in the proceeds and profit of the Coinhive license system.

§ 2 Contractual territory

During the term of this License Agreement, you shall be granted the right to distribute your license system worldwide, provided that no legal restrictions exist for the relevant country.

§ 3 Duties of Coinhive

Coinhive is obligated to grant you, the Licensee, the rights as described in more detail in § 1 of this contract during the term of the contract.

  1. Coinhive shall specifically also provide you the following services: a. You receive invite-only affiliate links in your Coinhive user profile. b. The support is carried out by Coinhive and by your personal license agent.
  2. If the Licensee requires additional services from Coinhive beyond this, Coinhive will prepare a written offer for the Licensee in advance.
  3. If you require additional services from Coinhive beyond this, Coinhive will prepare a written offer for you in advance.
  4. The necessary information also includes Coinhive notifying you about planned measures and changes, which could be significant for his business scheduling, particularly with regard to exercising his right to cancellation.

§ 4 Duties of the Licensee

  1. You, the Licensee, shall run the business at own expense and at own risk. In doing so, you shall always make your position as Licensee identifiable. You shall preserve the interests of Coinhive and thereby the entire license system and exercise and utilise your duties and rights from the contract with the diligence of a prudent businessman. Coinhive shall comply with all legal regulations and ordinances relating to the Licensee’s business operation.
  2. You as a Licensee shall not be entitled to represent Coinhive. Your are specifically not entitled to enter into liabilities on behalf of Coinhive..
  3. In your business management, you shall adhere to the guidelines of Coinhive and undertake everything in mutual interest to uphold and promote the image of the license system. You shall refrain from any conduct in business transactions with third parties which could have a negative effect on the business, the license system or Coinhive or which could damage the reputation of the license system.
  4. Participation by third parties within the context of the license system shall require the consent of Coinhive.

§ 5 Advertising presence

  1. Coinhive undertakes advertising efforts worldwide on the internet at its own expense. Coinhive shall have the sole responsibility for the continuing development of advertising. You are permitted to take part in Coinhive’s trans-regional advertising efforts and can offer and support the advertised campaigns.
  2. You shall not initiate any advertising using the logo or the company name of resp. in the name of Coinhive, the consumer brand Coinhive, or its operating company, without written consent from Coinhive.
  3. As Licensee you are entitled to design and carry out his your advertising. The advertising developed by you must be reconcilable with the standardised appearance of the license system (corporate design) and the current marketing concept. The content and type of own advertising by you require prior written consent from Coinhive.

§ 6 Property rights

  1. Coinhive shall be responsible for maintaining and protecting property rights belonging to the license system. This shall also apply if attacks occur against the Licensee, which relate to such property rights.
  2. Coinhive reserves the right to further develop and improve the rights granted to the you as Licensee. Coinhive will notify you about the relevant current status of development and provide him with updates or service amendments, resp. contract amendments.

§ 7 Inspection rights

  1. In order to maintain quality standards and a uniform appearance of the license system, Coinhive is entitled to carry out inspections after prior announcement, at its own expense.
  2. In order to exercise its inspection rights, Coinhive shall be permitted to assign third parties. Third parties are specifically considered to be: employees, auditors, tax consultants and solicitors.

§ 8 License fees

  1. As a fee for the rights granted to him, as well as services from Coinhive for the establishment of the license system, you as Licensee shall pay a license fee of € 210.00 plus the statutory, applicable VAT to Coinhive. The license fee is payable after setup of you Coinhive account due upon receipt. The license fee is not refundable, in due consideration of the statutory cancellation right, resp. the cancellation period

  2. According to the invoice the license fee shall be transferred to the following bank account:

Badges2go UG Stadtsparkasse Kaiserslautern IBAN DE44 5405 0110 0000 5566 54 BIC MALADE51KLS Reference: License fee Coinhive + Invoice number

§ 9 Remuneration

The Licensee will be remunerated on the basis of his performance. The remuneration schedule is part of this contract.

§ 10 Term of contract and termination

  1. After payment of the unique license fee you are granted to use and distribute the service without time limit.
  2. The contractual relationship can be cancelled by either party for good cause without adherence to a cancellation notice period. If cancellation occurs for a reason that is the fault of the other party, this party shall compensate the loss incurred from rescission of the contract.
  3. The cancellation must be made in written form. Abidance to the deadline for cancellation is subject to general provisions of German Civil Law Code.

§ 11 Legal consequences of contract termination

  1. After termination of the contract, you shall be prohibited from using the name, the brand and other property rights of Coinhive, the consumer brand Coinhive and the operating company.
  2. You shall hand over all equipment, resources, guidelines or instructions to Coinhive at his your expense.
  3. You shall settle all existing claims from Coinhive within a time limit of two weeks after termination of the contract.

§ 12 Liability

  1. You shall operate the license system at his own expense and own risk.
  2. As an independent merchant you shall be held liable for all claims and losses derived from your activity in relation to the license system, which you have inflicted yourself or caused by your own gross negligence.
  3. All claims and losses derived from the license system itself are the sole responsibility and liability of Coinhive. In this regard, Coinhive relieves you of any obligation within the internal relationship.
  4. Coinhive ensures to have verified the license system itself and the applied technologies and that no rights of a third party are in any way violated.

§ 13 Limitation period

The Licensee declares that he has been instructed about his right to cancellation in a separate document in Annex 2 to the contract, pursuant to the provisions of the Consumer Credit Act.

§ 14 Cancellation policy

You, as Licensee, declare that your right of cancellation pursuant to §§ 505 Par. 1 No. 3, 355 Par. 1-3 BGB [German Civil Code] has been explained to you. According to this, you are entitled to cancel the License Agreement within two weeks of concluding it, without providing reasons.

§ 15 Transfer of the license holder rights

  1. The rights under this contract are transferable only with written consent of Coinhive. Coinhive reserves the right to reject such a request.
  2. Coinhive license agreement is transferred on principal according to the applicable inheritance law, provided the decedent has not issued a will.
  3. A refusal is justified by Coinhive in writing. The rejection of the request according to no. 1 is impeachable by the Licensee.ie Rechte aus diesem Vertrag sind nur mit einem schriftlichen Einverständnis von Coinhive übertragbar.

§ 16 Final provisions

  1. If a provision of this contract should be or become invalid, infeasible or void, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The parties shall replace the invalid, infeasible or void provision with a valid and implementable provision which comes closest to what the parties would have effectively agreed at the time of this contract, if they had been aware of the infeasibility or voidness. The same applies to a loophole in this contract.
  2. All changes and amendments to this contract, including this clause, must be made in written form. The written form requirement can only be waived in writing.
  3. The contract is exclusively subject to German law.
  4. The legal jurisdiction is Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Remuneration Schedule

The remuneration schedule consists of two parts: the sales bonus and the mining bonus. Bonuses are not limited to region or countries and are valid worldwide.

1. Sales bonus

After purchasing a Coinhive license you are entitled to participate in our affiliate program. Every Licensee can create his own affiliate links after logging in to our backend in order to acquire new Licensees. Every new Licensee registered via your affiliate link will earn you a sales bonus of €50.00. For every new Licensee down the line you will receive another 50% of the bonus from the prior level. I. e.: You acquire a new Licensee X and receive a sales bonus of €50.00. Licensee X then acquires a new Licensee Y. Licensee X receives €50.00 as a sales bonus. You receive €25.00 because Licensee Y is also in your downline. For the next Licensee Z down the line you will receive €12.50 and so on. net

2. Mining bonus

We pay per solved hash. The payout rate is adjusted automatically every few hours based on the global difficulty of the network and the average reward per block. I.e. you get 70% of the average XMR we earn. Unlike a traditional mining pool, this rate is fixed, regardless of actual blocks found and the luck involved finding them. We keep 30% for us to operate this service and to (hopefully) turn a profit. We try to run this service with as much transparency as possible. If your users solve hashes, you get paid. Period. Payouts are fully automated and are initiated every 2nd hour, 12 times a day. If you reach the minimum payout threshold, you'll automatically receive your money in the next batch. 

General Terms for Licensees of Coinhive, Germany

1. Your Legal position as Licensee

  1. With the registration and conclusion of this License Agreement, you, the Licensee, are permitted to distribute or advertise Coinhive products.
  2. As Licensee you are a free and independent merchant. You act on your own behalf and for your own account. You are solely responsible for observing the business, tax and commercial law provisions from your Licensee’s activity for Coinhive.

2. Your commercial activity as Licensee

  1. The distribution of Coinhive products shall exclusively occur on your own behalf and within the context of the your business activity..
  2. You can set up a sales organisation within the context of your activity. From the sales revenue of your sales organisation (license system), you shall be entitled to bonus payments according to the current remuneration which is a part of this contract.
  3. The entitlement to Performance Bonus payments from the sales organisation shall be created with complete and final payment (no cancellation or other reversal of the contract) of the license fee to Coinhive. The disbursement for the calculation of the Performance Bonus for the revenues generated by the Licensee’s sales organisation takes place on a monthly basis, as of the 28th of the following month.
  4. Objections to the Performance Bonus payments ascertained in the statement shall be raised in writing with Coinhive, Germany within one month after receipt of the settlement. Otherwise the settlement shall be deemed as approved.
  5. The settlement of the Performance Bonus shall be issued including VAT, provided that the Licensee is entitled to deduct input tax and proves this to Coinhive.
  6. The license system of a Licensee can be withdrawn by Coinhive if a. you culpably violate your duties, b. judicial insolvency proceedings are initiated regarding your assets or the initiation of such proceedings is dismissed due to a lack of sufficient assets or you are required to issue a sworn statement regarding the correctness of your schedule of assets, c. if compulsory enforcement is carried out in the part of the business and this is not applied within three months, d. the license system documented in the contract reaches a third party by way of compulsory enforcement or insolvency of the Licensee, because the Licensee has acted in violation of the contract.

3. Advertising activity of the Licensee

  1. You ensure that your business activities and conduct shall not violate laws, good morals and third-party rights. You shall only sell Coinhive products in those countries in which the specific product that you intend to sell is permitted.
  2. Should Coinhive be claimed upon by third parties due to violations by you against legal provisions, you shall indemnify Coinhive for all resulting costs (particularly solicitors’ costs, court costs, compensation towards third parties) and other disadvantages (particularly losses resulting from declining sales or reputational damage). You shall exempt Coinhive upon first request, in the case of claims by third parties.
  3. You shall not register, have registered, produce or have produced, any trademarks, e-mail or website addresses (domains) or other documents for advertising or publication bearing company names, brand names, company logos or product descriptions or even parts of these, which are used by Coinhive or by Coinhive’s affiliated companies. These obligations shall also continue to apply after termination of the contract.

4. Miscellaneous

  1. Coinhive has the right to adapt these General Terms and Conditions and the remuneration schedule to this contract to changed requirements (market or competition situation) at any time with effect for the future. Existing contracts shall not be adapted during their ongoing term. The altered provisions shall become valid for the future, provided Coinhive notifies you of the changes in writing (by letter, fax or e-mail). In case of changes, you shall be entitled to exercise a special cancellation right within two weeks after receipt of the changes, if he does not agree to the changes.

5. Final provisions

  1. If individual provisions of this contract should be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The parties shall replace the invalid provision with a valid provision, which achieves the commercial success intended with the invalid provision as far as possible. Verbal side agreements do not exist. Changes or amendments to this contract must be in written form in order to be valid. This also applies for a change to the provision of the sentence above.
  2. The place of performance for Coinhive’s delivery obligation and for the contractual obligations of you, the Licensee, particularly for his payment obligation, is the domicile of Coinhive, Germany.
  3. The exclusive legal jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contractual relationship, including the resulting follow-up transactions is – as far as it is legally admissible – the domicile of Coinhive in Germany. The same legal jurisdiction shall apply if the Licensee has no general domestic legal jurisdiction, changes his registered office or usual whereabouts to a non-domestic location after conclusion of the contract or if his whereabouts are not known at the time of legal action being filed.
  4. German law shall exclusively apply, to the exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.
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